• Brittany Podsobinski

My Experience with a Parent Coach

I heard the term parent coach once or twice, but didn't have a clear idea of what it meant until I stumbled upon an open house for the Jai Institute for Parenting. The planner in me was struggling with what was next as my kids got older and became school aged, and I was willing to explore any option.

I am an avid learner and love sharing the knowledge I learn. Realizing this could be a potential career, was super exciting. I attended the open house and after getting over my fears around what it would mean to work for myself, I decided to jump in!

The Jai Institute provides 6 months of training, and the first 10 weeks consist of going through the program as the parent getting coached. I couldn't wait to get started. Since I had been on this parenting journey for awhile I figured I would mostly be learning stuff I already knew- just solidifying that knowledge so I would be more prepared to teach others. I was wrong!

Each week the content challenged me to reflect on why I reacted in certain ways to my children, and then helped me develop strategies for how to parent in the way I wanted instead. I learned a lot about myself as a person, which actually helped me with all relationships in my life. And I felt so much more confident in my parenting choices.

My kids aren't magically little robots who never have a meltdown, and I still get frustrated with their behaviors at times. But I can always come back to what I know to be true about myself and them, and then design a way to help meet all our needs- YUP my needs too!

The coaching was invaluable because my coach could look at my situations without an emotional attachment, and help me develop a plan- whether that was designing a new routine, drafting an empowered conversation, or coming up with a value and boundary that needed to be defined.

The next 3 months I've spent learning how to help others in this way. I can't give you a manual for exactly how to parent, but I can empower you to write the one that will work for you and your family so you can have a confident and connected relationship with your child!

If you're interested in learning more about how working with a parent coach could benefit you, please fill out the form on my website or email me directly at

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